Python Products new Water Conditioner and Bio-Support Biological Supplement


Python Products recently unveiled their Water Conditioner and Python Products Python Products Bio-Support Biological Supplement. As a two step process for making your water safer for your fish.

Step 1 is the Python Products’ Water Conditioner. This makes tap water safe by neutralizing chlorine and chloramine and detoxifying heavy metals. It contains aloe vera to help repair damaged fins and provides a layer of protection for fish.

Step 2 the Python Products Python Products Bio-Support is designed to add a beneficial bacterial boost to enrich aquarium water and jump-start the aquarium cycle.

According to the company, Python Products Biological Supplement contains 300 million live bacteria per teaspoonful to enhance the growth of any biological filter and reduce ammonia buildup. It is very effective at starting a new aquarium, replenishing lost bacteria from filter maintenance and restoring biological filtration after the use of antibiotic medications.

We couldn’t find much information on the company’s product page, but this seems to be a new avenue the company is taking after building itself up as a great alternative to the trusty old siphon to clean aquariums with its NO SPILL CLEAN and FILL. We look forward to what other products Python has in the works.


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