Brio 35 is a stylish aquaponics system


The Brio 35 is the first system in a new line of aquaponic aquariums that really makes an elegant impact. We have seen simple aquaponic setups and some larger ones that are all business, the Brio system calls itself the urban eco garden and is a nice modern design you could see sitting in a modern living room or office.

The Brio 35 comes with all you need to get started. The main aquaponic aquarium holds a total of around 9.5 gallons and measures in around 29.5 in. x 19.3 in. x 15 in. overall. Also included is a four lamp LED light system that includes two daylight LED bulb and two growlight LEDs. There is a dual light timer that allows you to adjust when each light comes one as well as giving you the ability to move the light and angle it towards your plants. It also includes a top grid and a biological filtration, planting media and filters.

Like other aquaponic setups, the waste from the fish in the aquarium is drawn through the filter and planting medium and the excess nutrients are absorbed by the plants. The goal is to have a beautiful aquarium and grow plants in the same system. With the Brio 35 it is easy to have a beautiful planted freshwater aquascape and some beautiful plants or edible herbs growing on the outside. The benefit is a healthier tank, let maintenance and a unique wet/dry habitat.

The Brio 35 aquarium comes in white or black and retails for around $449 USD ($549 Canadian) and a complete system with aquarium and stand retails for $734 USD ($899 Canadian). Check out the video below for more detail

[via Brio Aquaponics]


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