Sera Crystal Clear is a new high-performance filter medium


The recently announced Sera Crystal Clear is a high-performance filter medium for mechanical filtration designed to grab even the smallest particles from the water.

Looking like a fuzzy tennis ball, Sera Crystal Clear are actually 3D fiber structures that removes particles up to 10 µm, making them perfect for getting rid of floating algae or sludge.

Designed as a next-gen filter wool, the Sera Crystal Clear balls are able to keep their ball shape and can be washed out several times. Sera notes they have 80% of their original capacity after being washed out.

The Sera Crystal Clear balls can be added to a canister filter, media reactor, in a filter chamber or replacing a sponge in a hang-on filter.

Sera Crystal Clear retails for around $15 for a box of 12 balls that treat up to 95 US gallons.


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