Feed two types of food with Eheim Twin Feeder


The Eheim Twin Feeder is not a new product, but is a good option to help automate the feeding process, especially if you have lots of hungry fish or if you’re away for a few days. The programmable feeding system can be filled with pellets, granules, flakes, and/or sticks in two separate chambers.Both chambers are aerated to keep food fresh, and allow random dosing for natural feeding.

You can easily program when and what type of food to feed your tank. Just program when you want your fish to be fed and the auto feeder does the rest. If you want to add a small snack off schedule, just pressing a button delivers a smaller amount of food at any time.

The Twin Feeder is designed to fit Varilux aquarium hoods, but should be flexible enough for most systems. The controller features a large, easy-to-read display, splashproof function keys, and a low battery warning system.


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