EHEIM Classic Cannister Filter still a favorite


You can’t go wrong with the tried and true. The EHEIM Classic Cannister Filter is a tried and true filter that still gets raving reviews after all these years. In an industry where we think newer must be better, its easy to dismiss the EHEIM classic, but behind it are years of use and feedback to deliver a simple and straightforward filter that just works and works well.

EHEIM boasts the choice of top notch components to ensure you have a solid running pump driving an effective filter. Besides reliable performance, many are pleased with how quiet and efficient the pump runs.

With five different models designed for aquariums from 50 to 1500 liters (around 14 to 400 gallons), you get a pretty good (and reliable) value for the price.

Each filter can be used with EHEIM filter pads (or you can cut your own) or using loose filter media. The EHEIM Classic comes with a spraybar, inlet pipe, hose and installation accessories.

The EHEIM Classic Canister filter ranges in price from $85 USD for the smallest to around $425 for the largest.


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