AquaMaxx long aquarium is a stretched out 12 gallon glass box


The AquaMaxx Long Low-Iron Aquarium is a long, stretched out 12 Gallon rimless aquarium that will give you a unique look compared to the traditional glass box. The rimless design and low-iron glass means you’ll have a nice looking tank that is nearly 3 ft. long.

Stretching out the 12 gallon aquarium does mean you’ll have less depth in the aquarium. The AquaMaxx long is only a hair under 10 in. deep and 8 in. tall but could be a really cool setup to do a long planted tank with short plants and having some smaller fish dodging back and forth.

AquaMaxx is using thicker 6mm glass to give you a more rigid setup, with nice polished edged for that sleek, rimless look. The tank retails for just over $100 and features a leveling mat as well.


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