Fluval E Series electronic submersible heaters


The Fluval E Series electronic submersible aquarium heaters are a good choice if you’re looking to have more precise control over the temperature in your aquarium. If you recall our recent post “Choosing an aquarium heater: Glass, titanium or electronic?” we covered the pros and cons of the three main types of heaters.

As me discussed in that post, digital microprocessors and Fluval packed this and more into the Fluval E Series electronic submersible heaters. The Fluval ESeries heaters feature what Fluval calls VueTech technology — the microprocessor and dual temperature sensors to monitor and display the tank temp.

The precision temperature control allows you to set the temperature between 68 and 93 degrees F in 0.5-degree increments, while the high and low temperature alerts provide constant peace of mind. For added safety, the integrated fish guard prevents fish from coming into contact with the heating element.

The Fluval ESeries gives you a quick visual indication of where your tank temp is. Blue means the tank temperature is below set range and the heating function will engage and increase temperature automatically. If its green, all is well and aquarium temperature is within desired set range, so the monitoring function is engaged. If its red, you guessed it, the temp is above set range, and the monitoring function is engaged. Depending on the temperature, you may have to take action yourself to use fans or other methods to gradually lower the temperature manually.

The Fluval ESeries comes in four sizes:

  • E50 — 50W designed for tanks up to 60 L (15 US Gal)
  • E100 — 100W designed for tanks up to 120 L (30 US Gal)
  • E200 — 200W designed for tanks up to 250 L (65 US Gal)
  • E300 — 300W designed for tanks up to 375 L (100 US Gal)


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