Fluval Spec aquarium kit overview


The traditional 10 gallon rectangular aquarium starter kit has definitely received some strong competition with the growth of the modern all-in-one designs. The Fluval Spec aquarium kit is a prime example that provides all you need to get started with a small-sized aquarium.

Coming in two sizes, a 2.6 gallon and 5 gallon version, these are more in the “nano” category but are still a good option for a light bioload for small spaces. The Fluval Spec would fit nicely on your desk, add a bit of pizzazz to an office or even a kid’s room.

The Fluval Spec is framed with aluminum and features etched glass in the back to hide the integrated filtration chamber. For lighting, Fluval outfitted it with a sleek looking LED light array in the 7000K temperature range. This should give you a bit more brilliance of your fish and plant coloration without being too bright or too subdued.

Like most all-in-one (AIO) aquariums, it features an integrated overflow filtration system that allows you to use the standard 3-stage filtration. This typically consists of a sponge for mechanical filtration, activated charcoal for chemical filtration and a some sort of ceramic media to allow for biological filtration. The kit comes with the necessary filter media including a foam block, activated carbon and BioMax bio rings.


The Fluval Spec comes with an adjustable 66 GPH circulation pump on the 2.6 gallon version and an 80 GPH pump on the 5 gallon version. The tank has an adjustable output nozzle to give you flexibility in your flow. The 2.6 gallon tank measures 11.8 x 10.8 x 8.7 inches and the 5-gallon tank measures 20.5 x 11.6 x 7.5 inches and is more of a peninsula style.

As we mentioned before, they aren’t that big, but you could easily do a couple of small plants and a few fish depending on their size. The Fluval Spec retails for around $70 for the small version and $90 for the larger version.


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