RLF Design Cichlid Stone Kits


The RLF Design Cichlid Stone kit is a unique set of stackable ceramic mini caves for your cichlids and other fish to use for protection or nesting. Featuring a realistic design, these lightweight and sturdy pieces allow you flexibility to build one rock pile or smaller outposts.

RLF pour and adds design to each one so they all look a little unique and are hand glazed then fired to provide a strong and lightweight home for your fish. Since they are thinner than rock, they allow more interior space to provide more hiding places and breeding niches without displacing too much water like natural rock.

Not only will these be good for fish like African and New World Cichlids, but for plecostomus, corydoras, loaches, freshwater sharks, as well as nocturnal or cave-dwelling fish species.

There are a few options out there including small two-piece kits for around $8 and this 15-stone set, that retails for around $65 that comes with five small stones of two different versions, eight medium stones of three different versions, and two large stones.


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