Fishtastic is a new take on the all-in-one aquarium


The Pro Clear Aquatics Fishtastic is an exciting new all-in-one (AIO) nano aquarium spied at the Global Pet Expo last week. Most AIO aquariums have the integrated filtration on the back, but the Fishtastic take a dramatic departure by tucking the filtration underneath the aquarium. The entire filtration system fits into a sliding drawer like a mini overflow drain and sump system.

The Fishtastic holds 5 gallons of water and has a capacity for an addition 1.5 gallons in the sump drawer. Don’t fret about having to constantly pull out the drawer to check water levels, there is an integrate viewing window to let you see the water level inside.

The tank comes equipped with a feed pump to power the whole thing. A nice additional touch is the use of standard filter pads for Aqueon power filters for the primary mechanical and chemical filtration. Finally, the system is lit with a decently bright LED light which is included, and isolated from moisture for longevity and durability.

Another great point is the price. For just $50 you get a great plug and play aquarium.


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