Buy Seachem, help save a rhino


You might have noticed a change if you recently purchased Seachem Prime or Seachem Stability. No the product is the same, but you’ll notice a difference on the label — notably a rhinoceros. Seachem is making a donation to Support Mark of the Rhino and Mankwe Wildlife Reserve.

According to the post on the Seachem website:

Since 2008, Rhino poachers have killed at least 5,940 African rhino according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.  In 2011 the Western Black rhino was declared extinct and in 2015 there were 1,338 rhino killed by poachers. These grim statistics are leaving ever dwindling populations of the five remaining species. Rhino poaching is currently at a crisis level and timing is critical for the preservation of these majestic animals. 

As part of our ongoing environmental stewardship efforts, Seachem has joined the battle to support the protection of these endangered animals. All donations will go directly to the Rhino preserve in South Africa. We ask that you join us in this battle to save the Rhino by purchasing heavily in these top selling items and helping make the most of this fund raising effort. Thank you greatly for your consideration and support!

While aquarists, we typically think about conservation efforts around the oceans, but the wildlife on the land are equally important. Plus the dichotomy between a picture of a rhino on a label for a fish product, definitely is a clearer call to action. We applaud Seachem for this as well as making some cool new labels. You can also make a direct donation via the company’s website.


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