Tetra My Aquarium App handy tool for your aquariums


Keeping an aquarium can be a bit hard, but technology is making it a bit easier with things like the Tetra My Aquarium App. There are many other apps on the market, some complex and some simple, and the Tetra My Aquarium app is a nice place to start.

The free app, available for iOS, Android or Amazon Kindle, was designed with Tetra’s huge product line in mind, but is still helpful no matter what test kits, additives and food you use. It helps take the guesswork out of maintaining and aquarium and is a handy place to track changes over time.

My Aquarium App allows you to keep track of your tanks and all the maintenance aspects of keeping an aquarium, even if you have more than one. It does basic things like keep track of your aquariums, gives you maintenance reminders, provides handy dosing calculators and helps you manage your water care product, food and equipment inventory.

It is a great place to start for people just starting out keeping an aquarium or someone that just wants a simple, straightforward app to help keep track of things. Here are a few other key features:

  • Water Quality — The app helps you determines when to do a water change, how much water to change, identifies which of the products in your inventory will be needed for dosing, and calculates how much of that product is needed for treatment.
  • Product Inventory — Keeps track of your Tetra products and recommends what products can be used for dosing or treatment. If none of your products can be recommended, the app will recommend ideal products to remedy each situation.
  • Sets Reminders — Its hard to keep track of when you did your maintenance or testing. The app also allows you to create reminders for various aquarium tasks such as water changes and filter changes, and then sends you notifications when tasks are due.

Although the product recommendations are great if you’re a fan of Tetra’s products, it might be limiting if you have other preferences. One nice aspect of this app is you can easily get routed to Tetra’s live help and problem-solving resources.

The app is free to download and more information can be found on the Tetra website.


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