In love with Dory and Nemo? Try these beginner fish


Finding Dory and Finding Nemo were both incredible movies that brought lovable saltwater fish to the masses, and it also brought many people looking to get into the hobby hoping to bring a “Nemo” home to keep their little ones happy. Sadly, many underestimated the investment and skills needed to run a saltwater tank.

To help prevent some of this letdown and frustration, the team at LiveAquaria has offered a couple of better options to bring a colorful fish into your home and set themselves up for long-term success in the hobby.

So many love the original orange and white clownfish Nemo. And while these are definitely some of the easier saltwater fish to keep, there is still a lot of investment in time and equipment you’ll need to keep the little guy happy. Try the Koi Swordtail, a more sought after color morph of the popular swordtails. The Contrasting deep reddish orange marks and a brilliant white wrap make this a good stand in for Nemo. Also they recommend a 30 gallon aquarium with a lid to house this potential jumper.


Although you can get a teeny-tiny, cutsie-wootsie Blue Tang (aka Dory), they can get really big and like a lot of space — like over 180 gallons of space! So what is LiveAquaria proposing? A better suited option for a beginner and a smaller aquarium with an easy care level, try the Boesemani rainbow (Melanotaenia boesemani). These fish are recommended for a 30 gallon aquarium that is a nice size for children and beginning hobbyists to enjoy.



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