Cobalt Easy-Therm a great balance of affordability, performance and sleek looks


The Easy-Therm is Cobalt Aquatics’s third line of heaters which has the slim form of the award-winning NeoTherm heater making it one of the most unobtrusive heaters on the market. There is no mistaking the flat design of Cobalt’s heaters and the Easy-Therm line is a great balance of affordability, performance and sleek looks.

One of the major flaws of heaters, is fusing of the electrical contacts that leave the heater in the on position and basically cooking all the fish in your tank. Without a temperature alarm, usually the discovery comes too late.

To fight this, the Easy-Therm is designed to turn on and off at a lower voltage. Plus the heater on a magnetic switch to ensure a strong connection (and release) of the thermostat switch. The Easy-Therm is also accurate, within two degrees Fahrenheit of the setting.

Encased in a black thermal plastic outer casing, the Easy-Therm is both heat, shock and shatter resistant. The Easy-Therm comes in six sizes from 25w to 200w and has a three year warranty.




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