Want to know what kind of food to feed?


When you get your first fish, you’d figure they all eat the same. You put in food, they eat, done. But it’s not as simple as that and to help out, Tetra put together this handy and basic infographic to better understand different types of fish and the foods they need.

You see, certain fish live and feed at different levels in the water column. For surface feeders, it is important to have food that stays at the top, For mid-water feeders you want the food to sink and stay in the middle part of the water column for as long as possible. And for bottom feeders, they need food to sink and reach them at this level.

So how are you to know which fish is which? After awhile, you’ll start to learn more about the fish’s biology and habitat and some visual cues can help out. For top feeders, you’ll notice the mouth is typically upturned to help them feed on food floating on the water’s surface. If the mouth is more forward facing, they probably eat food that within the water column and if the mouth is down, you guessed it, probably a bottom feeder.

Thank to Tetra for putting together this handy resource for beginners.

[via Tetra]





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