Add wide flow with Eheim StreamON pumps


Powerheads have been a staple of the aquarium hobby for many years and thanks to advancements in technology, there are now a variety of options to add more flow to your aquarium including the Eheim StreamON pumps.

One of the main issues with powerheads was the tight stream of water they produced, but newer wide flow pumps have created a wide, gentler and more natural flow for your aquarium. The Eheim StreamON pumps are no exception.


The Eheim StreamON pumps are small, efficient and flexible allowing you to position them vertically or horizontally and turn them up to 180° to dial in the flow you need.

There are actually two versions. The StreamON uses suction cups to mount to your aquarium and the StreamON+ uses magnets to attach to the glass.  With options from 1,800 liters per hour all the way up to 5,000lph, the StreamON will cover a wide range of aquarium needs.


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