Captain Gill’s Look In Sea is a novel way to get kids excited about aquariums


Captain Gill’s Look In Sea a novel way to get kids excited about aquariums. This aquarium magnifier is shaped like a ships steering wheel and attaches the the tank with a suction cup.

Although, aquarium magnifiers aren’t anything new and we’ve seen more robust looking setups like the IVS Portal magnifying viewer that looks nice, is magnetic and will actually clean your glass, the simplicity of the Look In Sea appeals perfectly for kids.

The one main difference in having an aquarium vs. other pets is what to do with our hands. Unlike our furry pets, fish are pretty much a hands off and appreciate not always having human hands in the aquarium so this allows us to tinker a bit with the aquarium by exploring things from a magnified perspective.

The simple viewer runs under $20 and gives you 3x magnification, it is a nice and relatively inexpensive way to get kids more into what is going on in the aquarium.


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