Simple Solutions for Aquarium Algae


Eradication of algae can be simply done by scrapping the sides of aquarium or scrubbing the rocks. It will be necessary to bleach the rocks to remove traces of algae in a freshwater aquarium in which plants are kept. As bleach is highly toxic, even small amounts of aquarium algae will have a drastic effect on the aquarium fish. Primary cause of aquarium algae is too much aquarium light and the first step in treatment schedule is adequate stocking with natural aquarium plants. The use of natural aquatic plants is recommended as a means of algae control by some aquarists.

Overfeeding is the most common source of algal nutrients, ammonia as well as phosphate. The right choice for filter media can make a big difference in phosphate levels and plants compete directly with algae for light and nutrients. It is an innovative idea to deploy some fish in an aquarium tank for vacuuming up excess fish food. Algae growth is a fact that will be faced by each and every aquarium owner at particular stage. Algae in a freshwater aquarium thrive on three basic necessities: water, sunlight as well as nutrients. Reduction of lighting, less feeding, frequent water changes and keeping live plants are recommended solutions for fighting aquarium algae.


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