Shape of Fish Tank


Many aquarium hobbyists tend to select the aquarium based on the size or the external trim moulding. There are many reasons why each and every aquarium hobbyist should strongly think about aquarium tank shape. Taller tanks don’t offer that much surface area and the surface area is simply the amount of water surface. This is the reason why many aquarium fish breeders prefer longer and wider tanks as compared to narrow tanks. The shape of aquarium plays a role in the amount and type of fish kept in home aquarium.

          A long and wide tank will allow more room for multiple species of fish and tropical fish species need a minimum aquarium size. Budget and space available in home often determines the shape of fish tank as far as an aquarist is concerned. It is always best to select the biggest tank to place in home/community environment. A regular box shaped fish tank is manufactured out of panels of glass held together by a special silicone sealant. Many tanks include a hood which consists of custom light fixtures so that water loss from the surface can be reduced. Acrylic fish tank can be moulded into any shape and cylinders, hexagons and pentagons create a more decorative look.


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