How Tank Filters Work?


Aquarium filters maintain water quality in the tank and it can be done by removing particles such as food and plant species. Having a good filter does not eliminate the need for regular water changes in home aquarium. As the best filtration systems can’t even remove all water pollution, periodic water changes are still necessary. A good aquarium filter provides all three types of filtration: mechanical, chemical, and biological. Mechanical filtration refers to the filtering out of particles in the water such as plant scraps, uneaten food and any other stuff.

          Many aquarium filters use an easily replaceable cartridge for mechanical filtration and chemical filtration includes the removal of chemicals. The most important type of filtration is biological filtration and it is accomplished by large amounts of beneficial bacteria. Large amount of biological activity occurs in gravel substrate of the aquarium and it is the reason why undergravel filters are the best choice for biological filtration. None of the three filtration equipments can work independently and an aquarist should have a better understanding of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. The filtering system of an aquarium is designed to keep the tank’s environment clean and filters need regular maintenance. Aquarium filters are an absolute must in keeping proper aquarium fish tank setup.


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