Easy Steps to Clean Freshwater Aquarium


Freshwater aquarium tank should be cleaned once in two months to get rid of harmful algae and the first step is to clean the tank first. Fish net, towel, water pitcher, food drainer, clean sponge and clean rag are the equipments needed to clean freshwater aquarium. Before removing fishes from aquarium tank, aquarists should ensure that the alternate container is set to place the fish in it. The temperature of water in the container should be almost equal to that in the fish tank. A pitcher or small bucket should be used to remove water off the fish tank.

             A scratch pad can be used to clean the algae and hot water should be used to clean the glass. Regular water changes are one of the most important aspects of maintaining good water quality. Aquarium should be cleaned in the following order: inside glass, decorations, gravel, outside glass and filters. Some aquarists caution that replacing filter media removes many of the beneficial bacteria. One of the trickiest aspects of freshwater aquarium keeping is cleaning it properly and the schedule of keeping fish tank will depend on tank placement, tank size, and filtration system. A filtration system is crucial to keeping the tank crystal clean and biological filtration is preferred by most aquarium hobbyists.


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