Costly Way to Start Freshwater Fish Aquarium


The joy of setting up a freshwater aquarium is one that can be experienced only once in a life time. A new aquarium owner often misunderstands that a small aquarium is expensive, is of low maintenance, and requires very little time. Aquarium keeping is a wonderful hobby that provides restful and beautiful environment. Aquarium will be a great way for aquarists to learn more about ecosystems and they will be helpful in relieving day today stress. Fish keeping will often be a large time and financial commitment.

            Keeping aquarium fish typically has a fairly high start up cost and it will range from $200 and up. A typical aquarium tank will cost $100 and aquarium heater will cost $15. As per information available from aquarium store owners, filter cartridge will cost $43 and a replacement bulb will cost $20. The list of above given items are accurate estimates and a simple tank is a big investment. If the aquarium owner is not willing to invest the necessary money, then it will lead to the death of aquarium fish. It is frequently said that people sell fry to cover the cost of running their aquariums.


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