Giant Gourami fish Arrived in London Aquarium


A giant Gourami fish aged twelve has found new home at the London aquarium. It was earlier kept in a suburban restaurant of London. Restaurant owner had constructed a special tank for Giant Gourami in the middle of restaurant floor. As the fish named Bob outgrew the tank, restaurant owners decided to shift it somewhere else. Special equipment was needed to carry Giant Gourami from restaurant to the aquarium. According to restaurant co owner, “When we got the fish, we thought it was a normal Gourami, they obviously don’t grow that big. As the days went past, it was just growing and growing- it was quite fascinating”. Restaurant promoters are happy that Gourami is going to be taken care well in the future.
Attempt to transfer Giant Gourami from restaurant to aquarium was slow and tricky. Aquarium officials found balancing oxygen and pH levels in the tank as a very difficult task. “London aquarium is delighted to welcome this new guest”, said a Sea life London Aquarium spokesperson. Re-homing fish varieties that outgrows home tank has become a common phenomenon in different parts of the world. Gourami might have relieved himself on being moved into a spacious new home in London aquarium. At last, Bob got transferred to a place where his wellbeing is not being compromised.

Via[Evening Standard]


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