San Antonio Aquarium to Begin Operations Soon


The new San Antonio Aquarium on Bandera road will commence its operations very soon. Reports indicate that the aquarium is being transformed into a 50000 square foot marine exhibition centre. This marine exhibit will feature distinct varieties of marine creatures, reptiles and birds. A 30000 gallon water tank is the major attraction of San Antonio aquarium located in Bandera Road. Interactive education about marine life is the primary objective of San Antonio marine museum. Bandera road aquarium offers a memorable experience to visitors coming from different parts of the state. According to San Antonio aquarium officials, several field trips have been scheduled with private parties. It consists of a huge dinosaur display and big tank for scuba divers. A seventy five year old tortoise named Ramsey attracts the attention of Bandera aquarium visitors.
It is expected that construction work at San Antonio aquarium will be completed by December 2014. List of major attractions at this marine exhibit include sharks, sting rays and interactive exhibits. It will also showcase an exhibit where guests can touch stingrays and Jump Jungle. “We continue to identify new ways to create more interactive and more exciting exhibits, so we decided we had better Texas-size this one,” says Alui Cleaver, San Antonio Aquarium COO. With the coming up of Bandera Road Aquarium, a new tourist attraction is headed to South Texas. It is going to be the most interactive aquarium in America.



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