Best Tips for Effective Cichlid Breeding


It is necessary to keep cichlids healthy in a freshwater aquarium environment and the right female to male ratio should be employed in a cichlid aquarium tank. Putting caves in aquarium tank is an absolute essential component of effective cichlid breeding. Aquarists are often surprised at the many ways in which cichlids protect their young ones just like human beings. Open brooder cichlids breed on gravel, logs, plant leaves, rocks and other open surfaces. Major examples of open brooder cichlids are angelfish, German blue ram as well as discus fish.

              It is a great fun to watch strange behaviour during breeding such as fan digging and leaf turning in American cichlid species. Some of the popular varieties of cave brooder cichlid include convict cichlid and Kribensis. Mouth brooder cichlids protect their fry and egg from predators by carrying them in their mouth. There are many factors that affect cichlid breeding including the species, female cichlid’s age as well as health. Temperature and water in freshwater aquarium are other factors that affect cichlid breeding. An alkaline pH level and water temperature between 76-78 Degree Fahrenheit is ideal conditions for cichlid breeding. Environment plays a major role in cichlid breeding and it is an unknown fact for many aquarists.


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