Amazing Panda Dwarf Cichlid


Panda dwarf cichlid has originated in the Amazon basin of South America and its male species has a yellow colouration. It should be kept in an aquarium of 30 gallons aquarium with densely planted groupings. Panda dwarf cichlid or apistogramma nijsseni require plenty of open swimming areas and hiding places. As panda dwarf cichlid is a semi aggressive fish, they should not be housed with large and aggressive fish. The Panda dwarf cichlid is a carnivore and it will consume a wide variety of food including freeze dried bloodworms, tubifex, flake food, and live brine shrimp.

           Panda dwarf cichlid is a coloured and patterned fish that is great for a great community aquarium fish. They should be kept in a community tank with non cichlids and even with smaller aquatic ornamental fish. Hatchet fish, neon tetra, and zebra danio are the amazing tank mates of panda dwarf cichlid. Water changes of a Panda dwarf cichlid should be performed on a regular basis and their wild species are more sensitive than a tank bred specimen. Recommended temperature of panda dwarf cichlid keeping aquarium is 23-30 Degree Celsius. According to professional aquarists, panda dwarf cichlid needs good filtration system and quality environment. Recommended water hardness of panda dwarf cichlid aquarium is 2-15 parts per million.


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