Pink Convict Cichlid


Pink convict cichlid, also called as zebra cichlid or convict cichlid is monotonous in colour and their male varieties are large in size. It is a striking addition to any aquarium and floating plants are recommended for pink convict cichlid keeping aquarium. Pink convict cichlid should be housed with more aggressive fish of the same size in a home aquarium. Water temperature of a pink convict cichlid keeping aquarium should be kept in between 75-79 Degree Celsius. Female species of pink convict cichlid will spawn between a cave and an open area.

                      Being omnivorous, the pink convict cichlid freeze eats dried bloodworms, tubifex, ocean plankton, flake food and cichlid pellets. Pink convict cichlid is a tough species that originated in Central America and they are great for beginner aquarists. Female pink convict cichlid will have iridescent and gold tinted scales on their lower body and dorsal fin. Pink convicts require an aquarium of at least 30 gallons and they should be provided with multiple places where they can hide. Pink convict cichlid will breed extremely well under normal aquarium conditions and they will accept brine shrimp as food. Pink convict cichlid has been the subject of numerous studies on fish behaviour and they will have eight black vertical bars on their body.


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