Description about Australian Arowana


Australian Arowana is a great alternative to the more expensive Asian arowana as aquarium pet. It features colour patterns and large scales just like other popular varieties of Australian Arowana. Pearl arowanas can be spotted in coastal areas of north eastern Australia as well as New Guinea. The bodies of Australian arowana are grey to golden in colour with shiny scales sporting crescent shapes. Pearl arowana may grow up to 35 inches in the wild and it is considered as much more aggressive in the wild.

Australian arowana is pretty popular among sport anglers all over the world due to their tenacious attitude. They prefer high quality, live food, and a variety of commercial food items. Australian arowana fish species are not so aggressive like their Asian counterparts and they generally grow between 2-3 feet in length. Pearl arowana or Australian arowana is almost 100 percent carnivorous in length and it will cost less in price. Some compatible species often partnered with Australian arowana are clown knife fish, jaguar cichlid, and Siamese tiger fish. An aquarium of at least 150 gallons is preferable for Arowana and their Australian varieties are kept alone in aquaria. Arowana has been traditionally associated with dragon fish and it is believed to bring good luck.


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