How to Setup Tank for Salvini Cichlid?


Salvini cichlid is a special type of cichlid which is moderately aggressive and smaller fishes should not be kept together with them. Hardness and beautiful colouration are the majestic features of Salvini cichlid species. Salvini cichlid (Yellow Belly Cichlid) can be spotted in yellow, black, red, and blue colours. They thrive well along with South American cichlid in a home/community freshwater aquarium setup. Salvini cichlid eats food like flake, pellet, live food as well as frozen food.

Adding vegetables like lettuce or zucchini in meal will provide Salvini a balanced diet. A 50 gallon aquarium for a pair of Salvini is adequate enough and its pH value should be kept in between 70-84 Degrees Fahrenheit. Constant water change of 25-30 percent is required at least once a week in each and every Salvini tank. The Salvini aquarium needs a powerful filtration system and it should be decorated with lots of rocks and driftwood. Live plants can be used in Salvini cichlid keeping aquarium since they are neither substrate diggers nor plant destroyers. It is said that Salvini’s colour are enhanced if they are kept in a well planted tank and many aquarists testify that this statement is true to the core.


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