Seoul’s Largest Aquarium Opened Recently


Seoul’s largest aquarium named Lotte World Aquarium has been opened very recently and it features more than fifty thousand marine creatures. This southern Seoul based aquarium is often termed as “Underwater Park in the City”. Lotte takes its visitors to a whole new world that can’t be experienced anywhere else. This aquarium presents different marine creatures including sea lion, jellyfish, and sardines etc. Different zones in Seoul’s biggest aquarium showcase different themes including Korean rivers, tropical rivers, Amazon River and coral reef garden. Two meter long nurse shark is another prominent marine species attraction of Lotte aquatic museum. Beluga whale, sturgeon, penguin and trout are other must-see creatures at this well known marine exhibit. Officials of Lotte believe that aquarium is the place to learn more about marine life and marine inhabitants.
Education specialists, veterinarians, curators and aquarists are made an integral part of educational programs offered here. It includes a presentation on whales, sea lions, penguins, otters as well as sardines. Animated video about beluga whale will be of great interest and curiosity to school going children. Aquariums such as Lotte stress on the importance of protecting sea creatures in a suitable living environment. Top quality life support systems and state of the art equipments are the commendable specialties of Seoul aquarium.

Via[Korea Times]


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