How to Deal with Aggressive Cichlids?


Tropical African cichlid is an aggressive fish that has a long life span and they are favoured for freshwater aquarium setups all over the world. If couple of cichlids are put into a tank, one of them will start to dominate and the first lesson that a cichlid hobbyist learns is that cichlid is an aggressive fish. Aggressive cichlids showcase mouth wrestling, lip locking and finally chasing each other in a circle. Keeping two cichlid species together may lead to a fight and this is similar to keeping incompatible fish species together. Male varieties of cichlid may get aggressive if they are underfed and they will fight till death.

Ideal diet for aggressive cichlids is commercially prepared food items and it is a good practice to feed them with live food. In order to ensure that food given to cichlid fish is disease free, some aquarists maintain a breeding colony for their food source. Although African cichlids have a tendency to be aggressive in nature, it does not prevent aquarists from keeping them. It is best to feed African cichlid in small amounts several times a day and their food related aggression can be reduced through this method. According to expert suggestion, aquarists should use 55 gallon aquarium for keeping African cichlids.


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