Recent Innovations in Aquarium Maintenance


As popularity of aquarium hobby increases rapidly, recent innovation in aquarium maintenance catches media attention. Equipments and supplies associated with aquarium maintenance are constantly being reinvented. Upgraded filters, UV sterilizers, automatic fish food dispensers, water testing kits, aquarium heaters and flow heaters depict a unique element of innovation. Fish tank gravel washer is an amazing tool that makes gravel cleaning very convenient and its mechanism works by removing the dirt from gravel. Fish tank sand filter is another impressive innovation which is extremely useful in tank maintenance. It breaks down harmful chemicals and nitrates which are called as byproducts of fish waste.

Beneficial bacteria convert something toxic to something more harmless called the nitrate. Sand filter and gravel washer can be easily found in many local aquatic supply stores. Larger tanks will naturally need larger filters or greater washer capacity. Such new innovations and discoveries in aquarium maintenance are always welcomed by aquarist community. Price range of sand filter and gravel washer will vary according to different requirements and product sophistication. The Rena Smart Aquarium Power Filter is an aquarium filter that stands as a towering testimony to innovation in aquarium industry. Simplicity and low cost are the major benefits of innovative endeavors in aquarium maintenance.


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