Ecoxotic Vita is a unique aquaponics system, testing the waters on Kickstarter


The synergy between fish and plant is beautiful and inspiring. Whether a simple planted aquarium or a full-fledged ADA-inspired underwater world, there is just something beautiful about the balance it brings. Ecoxotic is taking this to the next level with its new Ecoxotic Vita, the first product in its new line of living decor. The indoor garden is a simple way to bring life to any space. In a unique move for the company, instead of going into full production mode, they are testing the waters and demand for the system on Kickstarter first.

The Vita features an ultra-clear glass tank, plant grow tray and optional one-touch LED lighting system to deliver a nifty aquaponics system to let anyone grow an indoor succulent houseplant from seed to adult while enjoying the tranquility of a fish. After several rounds of prototyping and testing, Ecoxotic has created a sleek and successful design we have grown to expect from the company.

“Vita is a simple, elegant way to add living decor to any room in your home or office. It truly brings happiness and an element of vibrancy to any space,” says Dennis Fredricks, CEO of Ecoxotic in the press release. “We wanted a simple product you could grow and interact with and Vita™ provides just that – the fulfillment of growing a plant from seed to adult while interacting with your fish everyday.”

The aquarium is constructed of SuperBrite™ glass providing stunning clarity and spectacular color rendition. A matching semi-transparent grow tray provides the perfect environment to grow plants from seeds to adult while simultaneously filtering the water for the Betta fish by using fish waste as a nutrient. The beauty of this natural aquaponics cycle is that it needs no electricity. However, there is an optional LED lighting system to provide the correct spectrum for plant growth while also illuminating the Betta fish and aquascape. For an extra “Wow!” factor, an additional color changing LED highlights the glass tank edges.

One of the best statement on why you might want to add the Vita comes from John Ciotti, Ecoxotic’s creative designer, “It isn’t just living art, it’s more than that. Vita brings life into your home, it brings life into your work space. It’s not just a thing that you set on your counter, its something you interact with and something that causes interaction. Just adding that little glimpse of life to your space makes every other mundane task just that much better.”

For two years Ecoxotic has been working on combining aquatics with indoor gardening in a simple, minimalistic way. Although we are big fans of systems like these, the market might not be ready so the company is taking to Kickstarter to attempt to raise $25,000 in 45 days starting today. Why? According to Fredricks “To test the indoor growing market first and ensure we had the design right and ensure we had the market demand.” You can find more out about Vita at the company’s website. .


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