Lumhi ASTA-120 LED pendant light for planted tanks


The Lumhi ASTA-120 LED pendant for planted tanks is a 50W LED lamp that has decent CRI and pushes out 6000 lumen and had a pricetag under $100.

We were browsing products on Amazon when we came across this light and were surprised to see a 4-star review for a cheap import. The light features a multichip LED with 144 individual diodes on board.

According to the page, it has a 180 degree lens with a tighter 90 degree secondary optic for focused depth. It comes mounted on an adjustable and rustproof gooseneck and is fully adjustable.

The light is pretty small with a 4.4 in. diameter body and length of 3.86 in. with enough spread for a 24 in. long tank. They also note this is modular, so you could theoretically upgrade the LED in the future.