Add Air Flair with Aqueon Flexible Bubble Wand


Air stones are a great way to keep good oxygen exchange as well as adding some flair to your aquarium, but if you’re tired of being stuck with the traditional bars, circles or other rigid air stones, check out the Aqueon Flexible Bubble Wand that adds air and accent lighting.

The flexible wand allows you to shape the airflow letting you contour around aquascaping or objects in your tank. The addition of LED lights to the bendable wand gives you even more fun options.

The Aqueon Flexible Bubble Want comes in three sizes in 7 in. increments — 7 in., 14 in. and 21 in. lengths — retailing for around $12 to $20. Each one comes with a 10 ft. power cord and suction cups. You could also secure this with zip ties or clear fishing line in areas where the suction cups won’t work.