Tuck the light away with Marineland Hidden LED Light Sticks


Marineland Hidden LED Light Sticks are a way to add light to a tank without having a big old lighting fixture placed on top or hanging over the tank. The light sticks are fully submersible and designed to be attached to the edge of the aquarium frame.

The in-frame mounting allows you to see the light without seeing the fixture and to help with the clean look, an integrated cord routing helps keep that neatly tucked away as well. You can position the light by using the directional adjustment dial on the side.


Each LED Stick features White & Blue and Blue Only light modes and comes in three sizes, an 8 in., 13 in. and 20 in. version. The 8 in. and 13 in. sticks include one light, but the 20 in. version includes two 10 in. sticks that connect via a power cord.

The Marineland Hidden LED sticks retail for $24.99 for the 8 in. version designed for 10g tanks, the 13 in. retails for $29.99 and designed for 20g ad the 20 in. retails for $34.99 and designed for 55g tanks.