R2 Target Fish Feeder helps feed your shy fish


If you have some shy fish, or possibly some aggressive eaters that leave the rest behind, the R2 Target Fish Feeder might be a good option. This R2 target feeder wand has a little pocket you can put your flake, pellet or frozen food in, position it where you want to go and push the button to release.

The R2 comes in a 16 in. length but has a 7 in. extension to make it just under 24 in. for deeper tanks. The thumb release button makes it easy to get in position without losing the entire payload. Just get it in the area you want — near a cave or rock or anywhere your fish are hanging out — and push to feed.

After a bit of practice, you can get the chamber to open part way to let out a little bit of food at a time.

The R2 Target Fish Feeder retails around $20.