New Tetra Cleaning Bacteria keeps your aquarium cleaner


Tetra Cleaning Bacteria is the latest addition to the company’s water care regimen as part of the company’s Essential Water Care line.

Made for monthly use, the Tetra Cleaning Bacteria works to keep your aquarium and gravel clean. It contains live bacteria with a dual function to reduce sludge and boost biological filter performance to remove ammonia and nitrite. It is designed to be used monthly.

The Essential Water Care line is a 3-step process you can do every month, to create a healthy and thriving environment. Basically it is: Condition. Clean. Balance.

This is step 2 of the essential care routine. Clean your tank by replenishing good bacteria that work to break down toxins within your aquarium. Cleaning bacteria will also clean your gravel, giving your aquarium that clean, healthy glow you had when you started.

An 8 oz bottle retails around $10.