Koval LED Aquariums Lights are simple lights from a strange company


When browsing around the internet looking for interesting products to share, we came across Koval LED aquarium Lights and we have to say, these lights are from one of the more eclectic companies we’ve come across in the industry.

We’re used to Chinese knock off products and LED lights are one of those types of products. At first glance, the Koval LED aquarium lights look intriguing — multicolor LEDs, slim profile, good price — so we start digging. We find the company’s website and see some other items, like pumps and bio balls, then we start seeing shaved ice machines, luggage, motorcycle helmets and more.

Looks like the company has a line on products from overseas and offers them to its shoppers — feels more like a QVC than an online pet store.

The lights themselves have a pretty high review on Amazon, and for $50 you get a decent looking light that fits over a 24 in. aquarium. It has the typical features, touts a full-spectrum, controllable light, moonlight mode, extendable brackets, thin aluminum housing and gobs of LEDs — 78 in fact:

  • Blue LEDs: 6pcs (460nm, 0.1W)
  • Pink LEDs: 4pcs (465nm, 0.1W)
  • White LEDs: 62pcs (8000K,0.1w)
  • Red LEDs: 4pcs (625nm, 0.08W)
  • Green LEDs: 2pcs (500nm, 0.97W)

But overall if you add up the Watts, you’re looking at about 10-12W of LED output that should be more than plenty for a non planted tank and might be good for a simple planted tank, but probably wouldn’t put it over a reef tank.

For the price, its worth a look and to see if maybe you can also get a nice new set of luggage too.