Aqueon LED OptiBright Plus + LED light


The Aqueon LED OptiBright Plus + LED light is an affordable LED light that combines bright white LEDs, moonlights and RGB LEDs to enhance the light color. Each light lets you independently control white, blue, red and RGB LEDs.

They feature three preset color channels and an additional eight color options all controllable from a handy remote. The Aqueon LED also give you a more natural sunrise and sunset actions with an automatic 30-minute ramp-up and ramp-down.

The Aqueon OptiBright Plus LED Aquarium Light Fixture can be set to turn on/off individually using the radio frequency remote control, eliminating the need for line-of-site remote operation. Built-in LCD screen displays the current time as well as programmable on/off times. Also features a light-dimming capability and the ability to scroll through the colors at three different speeds.

There are currently three sized available and each feature adjustable legs allowing you to adjust from 18-24 in., 30-36 in., and 48-54 in. and range in price from $50 to $70.