Hikari Bio-Pure Gammarus a tasty treat for larger fish


Hikari Bio-Pure Gammarus is a frozen food treat ideal for larger fish like cichlids. Hikari takes Gammarus shrimp and naturally gut-loads them with microscopic plant and animal matter for a highly nutritious, protein-rich treat for your fish.

To ensure high quality and clean meal for your scaled friends, Hikari employs an extensive 3-step sterilization process, to eliminate harmful parasites, unwanted bacteria and foul odors.

They are flash frozen to retain their natural color, shape, and nutritional benefits to ensure a healthy, enticing treat. It also helps boost coloration of your fish with a high astaxanthin levels (even more than Krill), making Gammarus an excellent color-enhancing addition to your feeding regime. Hikari Gammarus are also a natural source of calcium and amino acids.

Hikari does note this is meant to be an occasional treat to supplement, not replace, other daily foods.