Microbe-Lift Special Blend is a must-have additive


There are so many miracles in a bottle in this hobby that its hard to believe all the hype. But Microbe-Lift Special Blend Salt & Fresh Water “Eco System in a Bottle” certainly is worth paying attention too.

Whether you’re just starting out or are dealing with excess nutrients and sludge in your aquarium, Microbe-Lift Special Blend will work to keep water clean and clear. Special Blend is a blend of beneficial nonpathogenic bacteria that lowers ammonia and nitrates, remove odors and cloudiness, break down protein foam and organic residue, and stimulate plant growth.

The nice thing is you can use is as a new tank starter to get the biological cycle going or to safely reduce ammonia buildup, or you can use it as a maintenance booster to keep water cleaner longer.

The company It’s 100% safe, non-toxic, and chemical-free so you can use it with all fish, plants, invertebrates, etc. The only downside is it does have a sulfur smell to it, that is just the natural sulfur (hydrogen sulfide) made by the good bacteria in the bottle.

We’ve used this before and it does really work on moving ammonia and nitrites along the biological cycle. With a solid cleaning and regular water changes, it really does help get rid of organic waste much faster than without.