VIDEO: All about bettas, introduction and care


Betta fish may be some of the most beautiful and misunderstood tropical aquarium fish available today. They are much more than the fish in small cups at the pet store, they can be a stunning and affordable addition to any non-aggressive community tank. We pulled together of couple of interesting videos that can help shine more light on betta fish.

Introduction to Bettas
This video is a nice and simple overview of bettas from Tetra. It gives you a good overview of the fish and plenty of reasons why you might explore adding one to your system.

How to care for a Betta
Now that you’re hooked, here is a great video from Fluval that takes it up a notch. A tad bit longer view at about 10 minutes, but the host does a great job going over the betta, its care and how you can be successful.

What kind of fish can I keep with my Betta
Another one from Fluval, this time we’re talking about what kind of fish make good tankmates for your betta.

We hope you found these videos informational and useful. Next time you’re thinking about a new fish or starting an aquarium, keep the betta in mind. They might just be the beautiful showstopper you’re looking for!