Hikari Micro Pellets are perfect for smaller community fish


Mixing up the diet of smaller community fish from standard flake food is a bit easier with Hikari Micro Pellets. This food from Hikari is a smaller, semi-floating granule that targets smaller fish that feed on the upper and middle part of the water column.

Hikari designed these for a wide range of tropical fish made from marine and vegetable proteins and beneficial algaes for smaller tropical fish that need larger energy reserves. It also has a softer texture making them more palatable.

To spice up the color and add nutrients, they use a balance of krill and spirulina to naturally present vivid colors to improve visibility to help the fish see the food. This helps keep the food in the fishes stomachs rather than ending up on the bottom of the tank.

Hikari Micro Pellets are encapsulated with a micro coating that helps lock in nutrients and eliminate it breaking up and making your water cloudy.