MerryNine Color Changing Aquarium Water Pump is a cheap, fun way to add drama to your tank


The MerryNine Color Changing Aquarium Water Pump is a combination 80GPH circulation pump that features RGB LED lights you can place around your aquarium to add some fun to your landscape.


The pump itself doesn’t seem different than other simple submersible pumps on the market. But its the color changing lights that can be a fun compliment to a simple aquarium in your office or home (perfect for kids, but they might not let the fish ever sleep). 

The LEDs are on cables so you can bury them under the gravel and use them to illuminate areas of your tank. Adding behind a piece of driftwood or other aquarium decor could add some dramatic backlight. Or installing inside a rock or other object could be cool too.

The nice thing is they are pretty cheap, $9.99 for a 4-LED version you can try it out and if it doesn’t work in your tank, you can put it in a fountain or other water feature.