Pure Aquatic Algae Feast Sinking Wafers


Trying to feed your tank with a one-size-fits all food can work in a simple community tank, but the best bet is to have a well-rounded approach that takes all your tank’s inhabitants into consideration. For herbivore bottom feeders, a food like Pure Aquatic Algae Feast Sinking Wafers is a great option.

Made to sink quickly to get to where they need to go, the Pure Aquatic Algae Feast Sinking Wafers include spirulina, wheat germ meal and other vegetable matter dialed in with the herbivorous bottom feeders in mind.

These are great for plecostomus, catfish and other algae eating species. Fortified with stabilized vitamin C to boost immunity. The wafers are pretty good size and probably best suited for larger fish. You could break it up into smaller chunks for smaller bottom feeders.

These have a guaranteed analysis of: Crude Protein (min) 30% Crude Fat (min) 6% Crude Fiber (max) 4% Moisture (max) 10% Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C) (min) 175 mg/kg

The Pure Aquatic Algae Feast Sinking Wafers come in a variety of sizes, from a 1.6 oz pouch that retails for around $3 to a 3 lb. pouch that costs around $32.