Feed your plants with Easy-Life Root Sticks

Easy-Life Root Sticks

Easy-Life Root Sticks make feeding your plants can be a bit easier than dosing your whole tank. Like fertilizer or nutrient sticks for above water plants, these nutrient-rich clay sticks feed your freshwater aquatic plants directly at their roots.

The slow-release formula in the Easy-Life Root Sticks won’t pollute water, cloud water, or promote algae growth allowing you to accomplish some pinpoint feeding to your plants.

These are around 2 in. long that you just stick in your substrate around your roots. The Easy-Life Root Sticks are packed with nutrients and feature a high iron content.

Being made from clay, you’d expect them to get soggy and fall apart quickly, but they came up with a special formulation that makes sure they don’t, slowly delivery the nutrient payload over a few weeks.

Easy-Life notes that while these are great for all freshwater aquatic plants, its even better for plants like Cryptocoryne, Echinodorus, or Lotus that need more nutrients. They also recommend breaking the sticks as needed if you have a shallow soil layer or have smaller plants.

For around $11 you’ll get a jar that has around 25 Easy-Life Root Sticks.