Brightwell Aquatics FaStart-F kick starts biological filtration


Brightwell Aquatics FaStart-F is a way to kick start your biological filter to expedite your start-up period and enable you to add fish a bit sooner.

Brightwell Aquatics features a team of scientists that have developed this formulation for freshwater biotope, community, and planted aquaria. By adding Brightwell Aquatics FaStart-F you are able to build up a microbial base without the use of poor nutrient sources like adding starter fish or other sources.

Many advocate for adding hardy “starter fish” or using decaying matter like tossing in a piece of raw shrimp or fish to build up the ammonia through decay and kick start the nitrogen cycle. The problem with starter fish is, they have produce the waste that starts the filter, but they then have to live through the toxic buildup and breakdown of ammonia.

There are other similar products on the market to chose from. However, Brightwell Aquatics has a solid track record of delivering great, effective products with high-quality ingredients.

Brightwell Aquatics FaStart-F comes in two sizes, a 500 ml bottle that retails for around $8.99 and a 2 Liters jug that retails for around $29.99.