Need an ATO? Check out the Innovative Marine Hydrofill Ti Controller and Pump


Innovative Marine’s Hydrofill Ti (Titanium) Controller and Pump are a unique approach to auto top-off (ATO) system controls. ATO systems are a great way to keep the water level in your aquarium consistent, especially if you are using an overflow system.

The premise is simple, as water evaporates, a switch of some sort is activated on a “low” mark that turns on a pump to replenish the water. Another switch notes the “high” mark and shuts the pump off. Traditionally these were float switches that were a bit bulky or other types of conductivity sensors.

For the Innovative Marine Hydrofill Ti, its using titanium-coated copper sensors to drive the pump, all you need is a resovoir for the fill water and you’re all set. Granted, these are typcially used in saltwater or reef aquairiums where you have a sump to put in the switched and where keeping parameters and salinity levels consistent are key.

But for freshwater systems with wet-dry filters or sumps, this can be a handy devise to make replacing evaporated water much easier (especially in hotter weather).

The Innovative Marine Hydrofill Ti (Titanium) Controller and Pump retail for $69.99.