PE Mysis is a nutritious addition to your feeding regimen


PE Mysis is a nutritious option if you are looking for a meaty food for your fish. Made from freshwater mysis shrimp, Mysis relicta, PE Mysis has high nutritional value that has been known to incluce an energetic feeding response in even finicky aquarium fish.

The way Piscine Energetics harvests PE Mysis, ensures they have a naturally have a higher fatty acid profiles and Omega-3’s than enriched brine shrimp. Piscine Energetics harvests these shrimp from inland freshwater lakes in Canada. The mysis were introduced to help provide food for game fish. However, they soon found out the mysis feed on the same phytoplankton as the fish fry, reducing the available food for fish.

Piscine Energetics helps solve this problem as they harvest the invasive shrimp at night when the Mysis shrimp surface to feed on the plentiful phytoplankton. In fact, the mysis come up gut-loaded with the phyto. The shrimp is then flash frozen on site to ensure the highest nutritional value when then come to you.

PE Mysis is available as:

  • Flat-Packs (8oz, 16oz, 40oz, 10lbs)
  • Blister Packs (4oz – 35 individually wrapped cubes)
  • PE Mysis & PE Calanus Twin Packs (4oz PE Mysis + 4oz PE Calanus – 75 individually wrapped cubes)